Gems Recommendation

Discover your lucky gemstone according to Vedic astrology. Get wearing instructions to improve your life, luck, and health.

Gems Recommendation

When choosing a gemstone, it is crucial to consider your specific needs and goals. Consulting with a gemstone expert like Pandit K.K. Shastri can help you select the right gemstone based on your unique numerology and astrology chart. You can tap into its energy and experience its benefits by wearing or carrying the recommended gem.

Type of Gems

Yellow Sapphire enhances spiritual persona and promotes abundance. Blue Sapphire clears confusion and empowers intuition for spiritual enlightenment. Coral provides emotional and physical stability. Ruby promotes power, wealth, and good health. Pearl calms the mind and heals sexual organs. Emerald fulfils wishes and strengthens the spiritual side. Gomedh attracts luck and divine blessings, while Diamond endows wealth, creativity, and prosperous married life.

Effect of Gems

In Vedic astrology, each person has a unique birth chart that can determine the perfect gemstone associated with a specific planet. They can balance and enhance a planet's energy in a person's life, as each stone has unique properties and powers that can boost particular areas of life. These precious stones emit vibrations that strongly influence the wearer's body and life.